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During vaginal childbirth, the vaginal walls stretch significantly to allow the baby to pass through the pelvis. When the walls do not fully recover and remain loose after childbirth, however, it can influence sexual function as well as bladder and bowel function. In addition to physical function, this issue can greatly impact a woman’s emotional well-being.

Many factors, including mother’s age, genetics and differences in collagen and elastin can influence how well the vagina resumes its normal size. With vaginoplasty in Houston at ChristiMD, we can effectively treat these issues for lasting vaginal rejuvenation!

Treatment details

Treatment type

Sexual Wellness

# of Treatments needed


Treatment time

1 to 2 hours


2 to 4 Hours/Days

Vaginal laxity

Decreased pleasure

How it works

Benefits of Vaginoplasty in Houston

Tightens internal vaginal walls and improves function during intercourse

Improves the function of the bladder and rectum.

Real results

Your Vaginoplasty Results

You will go home the same day and will need to rest. There is a 6-week healing period, and you will need to avoid heavy lifting, straining and intercourse. Once you have healed, you will have an enhanced sexual experience, with more feeling and enjoyment.

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