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GAINSWave®: A Long-Term Performance Boost

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The ChristiMD Medical Group acknowledges the value of sexual health and understands the negative impact that decreased sexual performance can have on self-confidence and relationships.

We offer the GAINSWave® treatment as a safe, effective, drug-free and surgery-free option to improve erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance for men.

Treatment details

Treatment type

Acoustic Wave

# of Treatments needed


Treatment time

20-30 Minutes



Poor Blood Flow

Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual Performance & Arousal

Peyronie's Disease

How Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Houston Works

Benefits of GAINSWave

Enhanced erections

Improved sexual performance

Increased sensation

Drug free

Surgery free

Real results

Your GAINSWave Results

Individual results will vary, but the effects of GAINSWave may last up to 2-3 years on average. The ChristiMD Medical Group will discuss your individual goals to determine how many GAINSWave treatments you may need. Most men need anywhere from 6-12 treatments for the best results.

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The ChristiMD staff members are professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. We are all brought together by a commitment to providing a trustworthy, welcoming space for every visitor who walks through our doors.

Operating inside Methodist Medical Office Building Two, we have access to highly advanced medical treatments that aren’t available under one roof anywhere else in Houston.

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