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Dr. Christi and her team offer an exciting skin treatment called Dermaplaning in their Houston, Texas medical spa.

It is safe, effective and keeps your skin healthy, glowing and radiant so you can look and feel your best! With our dermaplane facial, patients combat dead skin cells that occur as a part of the aging process. This is accomplished by the exfoliation during the treatment, removing your skin’s dead skin cells, extra hair, oil and dirt on the top layer of your face so it looks smooth and rejuvenated. Not only that, makeup applies more evenly to the face and the results are instantly amazing! This process also helps people who have scarring or uneven skin tone.

Treatment details

Treatment type


# of Treatments Needed

Varies based on skin type

Treatment time

15-30 minutes


Minimal to none

Dull skin

Dry skin

Peach fuzz


Uneven skin tone

How Dermaplaning in Houston Works

Benefits of Dermaplaning in Houston

Patients across the area love both the simplicity and effectiveness of Dermaplaning at ChristiMD Med Spa. The benefits of treatment include:

Visible results instantly

Encourages cell turnover

Diminishes dry, dull skin

Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

Diminishes acne scarring

Diminishes dark spots

Allows other facial treatments to penetrate deeper

Smooths texture of skin

Prevents clogged pores

Real results

Your Dermaplaning results

You will see results immediately! This treatment is non-invasive and painless. You can resume normal activities immediately after your appointment. If you have sensitive skin, the area may redden slightly but should go away quickly. Your makeup will look smoother, and it allows other skin products to penetrate more deeply and increase effectiveness.

a passionate, experienced medical team

Choosing the right medical spa is the key to realizing the best outcomes.

The ChristiMD staff members are professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. We are all brought together by a commitment to providing a trustworthy, welcoming space for every visitor who walks through our doors.

Operating inside Methodist Medical Office Building Two, we have access to highly advanced medical treatments that aren’t available under one roof anywhere else in Houston.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Dermaplaning in Houston safe?

ChristiMD staff only use the safest methods to leave your skin soft and manicured! Dermaplaning is safe when performed by a properly trained skincare professional. You will not experience razor burn. Your skin can be more sensitive to the sun after Dermaplaning, as with any facial treatment or exfoliation, so you should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30) if you will be exposed to direct sunlight. You can apply makeup immediately after this procedure.

Can I combine other treatments with Dermaplaning?

Absolutely! Dermaplaning prepares the skin to allow other treatments and skin products to deeply penetrate the skin, rendering them more effective! Many patients combine Dermaplaning with Laser Genesis for maximum results. Laser Genesis is a skin rejuvenation treatment that targets rosacea, wrinkles and scars. It reduces redness and improves texture and skin tone. You will see dramatic results! You can also combine Dermaplaning with Secret RF, which has been called “The Natural Facelift!” Secret RF combats the signs of aging, sagging skin, wrinkles, acne scars, photoaging or striae. The ChristiMD experts will discuss your skin wellness goals to determine which combination of treatments are right for you!

Who shouldn’t get a Dermaplaning procedure?

Some skin types are not suitable for Dermaplaning. If you have active breakouts or cuts on your face, you may not be a candidate for Dermaplaning. The staff at ChristiMD will determine if your skin is suitable to undergo Dermaplaning. This facial treatment is great for most patients, even if you are taking Accutane or Retin-A.